So many beads so little time.

I often have the problem that my eyes see new beads and want more but I don’t have to the time to make anything with those new beads because I already have ten other projects in various stages of completion. Seed beads are my favorite, both Toho size 11 and Delica size 11. They come in so many colors and finishes that the possibilities of what can be created is infinite. I often find that when I make one thing, I then want to create it in several different colors or combinations of colors.  I recently made the bead crochet necklaces below in several different colors, the first one is made with copper and cream beads, the second is made with peach, ivory, and gray bead, and the third was made using red, garnet, and white beads. I really enjoy bead crochet, there is something soothing about this technique. You can sit in your chair and crochet away. I have at least a dozed more color combinations I would love to try. I’ll post more when they are finished.

Image     peach crochet necklace     redwhite crochet

These necklaces can be found on my shop at


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