Day 4 of the Easy Breezy Earring Challenge

Today’s Earring are very easy to make but I think look great and make use of some beautiful beads.

Tiger’s eye is a protective stone with a powerful, dynamic energy and a watchful quality to it. Specific colors of your tiger’s eye stone – from golden yellow to deep reds – will express, in different degrees, a strengthening and grounding energy. Tiger’s eye also has a mystical, opalescent quality to it, and the combination of solid black color stripes with shimmering golds, browns and reds make for a very special stone indeed.

Tiger’s eye is a favorite when it comes to protective stones. The watchful eye energy of the tiger’s stone has long been used in various forms of jewelry and protective home decor. Roman soldiers wore tiger eye stones before going into battle. Tiger’s eye can also help balance and clear emotions, thus contributing to a calm mind and peaceful disposition. It will help the mind to have feeling of oneness and feel more direct in all thoughts. It makes one aware of one’s own needs related to the needs of others.

Lots of good reasons to use tiger’s eye beads in your jewelry or for gifts you make for someone else.

step 5

Materials for the pair of earrings

12 Tiger eye beads (8mm)

seed beads size 8

2 jump rings

2 ear wires

Beading thread (wildfire 0.006)

beading needles size 10


Step 1. String beads in the following order: 1 tiger eye, 2 seed beads, 1 tiger eye, 2 seed beads, 1 tiger eye, and 2 seed beads.  You should have 3 tiger’s eye beads and 6 seed beads on your thread. Make a circle by bringing your thread through the beads 2-3 times. This will have secure your thread. Leave a 2-3 inch tail.

step 1

Step 2. After making the circle make sure your thread is exiting a seed bead next to a tiger eye bead. Then string 1 tiger’s eye and 4 seed beads.

step 2a

Step 3. Skip the next seed bead and tiger’s eye and insert needle in the next seed bead. Pull tight but not so tight that the beads don’t stay flat.

step c

Step 4. Repeat step 3. Pick up 1 tiger’s eye bead and 4 seed beads. Skip the next seed bead and tiger’s eye bead and insert needle into the seed bead.

step 3

5. Repeat the previous step one more time and your work should look like the picture below. Work the thread through the beads  to secure your work. Tie a half-hitch knot and cut the extra thread. Repeat the process for the tail thread.


6. Add a jump ring to a central seed bead as shown in the picutre. Next add the earwire to the jump ring. One earring is complete.  All you have to to is make one more and you are done.


step 5


Day 3 of Easy Breezy Earring Challenge

Today’s Easy breezy earrings are going to showcase the tri-stitch. I have seen this very often used in beaded jewelry but its a great stitch for making earrings and bracelets. It is a modifired version of  right angle weave stitch.

tri stitch earrings

Materials I used for the pair of earrings.

18 pink crazy lace agate beads (4mm)

seed beads size 11/0 silver amethyst

2 earwires

beading thread (wildfire 0.006)

beading needle size 10

*Other beads such and pearls crystals, or czech beads can be used. The size of the beads can also vary.

Step 1. String 1 agate , 1 seed bead, 1 agate, 1 seed bead, 1 agate and 1 seed bead. You should have a total 3 agate beads and 3 seed beads on your thread.

step 1b

Step 2. Pass the needle through the 1st agate bead on the thread to make a triangle.

step 2b

Step 3. The thread will be coming out of the agate bead, pass the needle through the beads 2 more times to secure the thread. For the next step make sure the thread is exiting an agate bead and not a a seed bead.

step 3b

Step 4. Pick up 1 seed bead, 1 agate, 1 seed bead, 1 agate and 1 seed bead. You should have strung 2 agate and 3 seed beads.  Insert needle into the same bead that the thread is exiting to make the 2nd triangle.  Each new triangle will share an agate bead with the previous triangle

step 4b

Step 5 . Pass the needle through the next seed bead and agate bead.

step 5b

Step 6. Repeat Step 4 and 5

step 6a

step 7b

Step 7. Repeat step 4 one more time. After you make the 4th triangle pass the needle through the next seed bead only.

step 8b

Step 8. The thread should be exiting a seed bead. Then pick up  2 seed beads, an earwire, and 3 more seed beads. Insert the needle through the seed where the thread exits to form a loop for the ear wire.  Go through the seed beads 3-4 times more to secure the loop. Then go through an agate bead, tie a half-hitch knot and pass through the next seed bead  and agate before cutting the thread. Secure the tail thread the same way. You don’t have to stop after just four triangles. You can make the earrings longer or even turn this into a bracelet. The earrings are 1 1/4 inches long not including the ear wire.

step 9 b

I hope you like my design and the instructions are easy to follow. Please leave a comment below or post pictures on my facebook page: JRPDesigns. Just click the “f” button on the left panel at the top.

Thank You.


Day 2 of the Easy Breezy Earring Challenge

Day 2 of the Easy Breezy earring challenge brings us to the flat spiral stitch.

step 11

This is a great stitch that makes great earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I made the earrings with swarovski crystals. You can use pearls instead or any bead of choice. The central bead had to larger than the side beads. Since it’s spring I chose red, peridot and crystals as my colors.

Materials I used:

6 Swarovski crystals Siam (8mm)

8 Swarovski crystals  Crystal AB and peridot and (4mm)

Seed Beads size 11/0 Silver lined crystal

Ear wires

Beading thread Wildfire size 0.006 inch

Beading needle size 10


Step 1. String Two 8mm crystals then 5 seed beads one 4mm peridot crystal and 5 seed beads. Bring your needle around and insert through the two 8mm crystals. The seed beads and smaller crystal will form a loop around one side of the larger crystals. Leave 1.5 inch tail.

step 1 bstep 2a

Step 2.pick up 5 seed beads one 4 mm peridot crystal and 5 seed beads and insert the needle through the two large crystals just like before. Another loop will form on the other side of the crystals.

step 3 bstep 4a

Step 3 Add another large 8mm crystal.

step 5b

Step 4. Pick up 5 seed beads,  1 crystal AB 4mm crystal, and 5 seed beads. Insert the needle throught the 2nd and 3rd 8mm crystals to form a loop one side of crystal 2 and 3.

step 6astep 7a

Step 5 Repeat step 4. Pick up 5 seed beads, 1 crystal AB 4mm crystal, and 5 seed beads. Insert the needle throught the 2nd and 3rd 8mm crystals to form a loop one side of crystal 2 and 3.

step 8a

Step 6. Pick up one seed bead and insert needle in adjacent seed bead.

step 9a

Step 7. Pick up two seed beads, and earwire and two more seed beads and insert needle through the three seed beads at the top of third crystal. Togather this will form a loop for the ear wire. Go through the seed beads 3 to 4 times to make loop strong. Insert the needle down the seed on the side of the third red crystal and bring the thread right before the 4mm crystal AB. Tie a half-hitch knot and insert the thread through the 4 mm crystal am. The thread can be cutoff. Do the same thing for the tail end. Insert the needle up the seed beads and bring the needle before the 4mm peridot crystal. Tie a half-hitch knot, insert the thread through the crystal and cut off the extra thread.

step 10 a

Thirty Day Easy Breezy Earrings Challenge

Thirty Day Easy Breezy Earrings Challenge
I noticed that I have left over beads from various projects that are not enough to make a bracelet or a necklace but just enough to make a pair of simple earrings. I’ve been beading for a few years and have built up quite a stash of left over beads. Usually when I’m making something I buy a few extra beads just in case I break the bead or it rolls off somewhere and I can’t find it again. I thought it might fun to make different types of earrings, destash some beads, and also to share what I’ve made.
I’ve decided to issue myself a challenge to come up with simple earrings designs for the next 30 days. That means a free earring tutorial every day for the next 30 days. These tutorials will be designed for the beginner and the earrings can be made in about an hour. My idea is to teach basic beading stitches to someone just starting to bead and also to give people ideas for earrings they can make for themselves. Please follow along and at the end of 30 days you’ll have 30 new pairs of earrings for yourself or to give away as gifts. I believe there’s no such thing as too many pairs of earrings or shoes.

My first design is called the Easy Breezy Daisy Chain Earrings.
pair a

Materials List to make the Pair of earrings:
36 Swarovski crystal pearls (4mm in Pearl white)
6 Swarovski crystal pearls (4 mm in Pearl Mauve)
12 seed beads (size 11)
2 ear wires
18 inches/per earringFireline (4-6lb) or wildfire (0.006 inch) beading thread
Beading needle (size 10 or 12)
**You do not have to use Swarovski Pearls any bead can be used including seed beads. Also you can also you nymo thread instead of fireline or wildfire.

The earrings in the picture are 1 ¼ inches long or 41 mm. This does not include the ear wires. These can be made in less than an hour.
Daisy Chain stitch is a simple stitch that includes six beads that make up the petal of the daisy and a seventh bead in the center.
This only applies if the all the beads are size.

daisy 1Blue circles are the “petals”
If the center beads is larger than the ” petal beads”  than more beads are needed for the petals . For this tutorial all the beads are the same size.

Step 1. Pickup 6 white pearl beads and make a circle by inserting your needle into the 1st bead . So bead 1 and 6 should be next to each other.

image 2

Step 2. Go through all 6 beads at least three times to secure the thread. Come out of the bead next to the tail thread and tie a knot. The go through two pearls to move away from the knot.
daisy 2daisy 3

Step 3. Pick up a mauve pearl insert needle in the bead that is directly opposite from bead where the thread is exiting.
step 3 text

Step 4. Pick up 5 pearl beads and insert the needle through the bead where the thread exits to make another circle. The daisys will be sharing a “petal” bead.

Step 4  step 5b

Step 5. Pickup mauve bead and insert needle into bead that is opposite the bead where the thread exits.

step 6 step 6b

Step 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to make the third daisy.

step 7 step 7 bstep 8

Step 7. Pickup 3 seed beads size 11, fish wire and 3 more seed beads size 11. Insert needle through the same bead as the thread is exiting to create a loop.  If you want a longer earrings you can always repeat steps 4 and 5 several times until you have the length you desire.

step 9step 9 b

Step 8. Run the thread through the seed beads and pearl four times to secure thread. Tie a half-hitch knot and cut off extra thread.

For half hitch knot: Make a loop around thread between two beads. Cross the threads and bring needle through the loop. Pull tight and go through several beads before cutting the thread.

daisy 5

There are other variations that you can make with the Daisy chain stitch. I made another pair of earring using Swarovski bicones and seed beads size 8.
I used eight seed beads to make the petals because the bicone is bigger than the seed beads and made five daisies instead of three.

pair b

both quarter

Please leave comments and post your designs to my facebook page  or just click the “F” on the top left.  I would love to see your designs.

The process of creation

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have fallen in love with the bead crochet technique. It’s a great way to make bracelets and necklaces with tiny seed beads in a variety of colors and patterns. I’m only limited by my imagination in terms of what I can create.

Peach, Ivory, and gray bead crochet

The necklace above was made using gray, peach, and  ivory beads in size 8/0. I think the combination came out great. Originally, when I combined the beads together, I had also included red and white beads but it just didn’t look right. The white and red beads were too loud and they took away from the other beads. So I undid the piece, removed the read and white beads (very tedious process), and started again. Sometimes less is more and these three colors harmonized better than five colors.

When I finished crocheting the beads together, I didn’t know how to end the piece. It actually sat around for a week before I figured out what to do. I could have added end caps and a clasp, but for some reason that didn’t seem to work. I just happen to have some swarovski crystal beads in rose, I don’t even remember why I bought them. I added the crystals beads to the ends and then decided to do a herringbone stitch to wrap the crystals with the beads, next came the clasp and extended chain with another crystal to finish the necklace. I was very happy with the end results.

Creating jewelry is very visceral for me. Combining beads or finishing pieces is based on my gut reaction. A piece will sit around for weeks until something clicks and I can finish the piece. The logical scientist in me gets frustrated when pieces remain unfinished for weeks but the artist in me will not budge until the right idea comes along.  Does this happen to you? Do you have to wait around sometimes for inspiration to strike?


      I’m of Indian descent.  Indians are known for their love of color. If you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you know that it’s all about color. Everyone is wearing color and white is actually forbidden at an Indian wedding because it is the color of mourning.  Weddings are the celebration of two families joining together not just two individuals.  So if you are ever invited to an Indian wedding do not wear white. People will probably give you dirty looks. For some reason this applies more to women than men (they can wear white shirts with their suit jackets). You’ll also have more fun wearing a colorful sari.

     There is also the Holi festival every year where Indians run around literally throwing color at each other.  Holi is a Hindu festival that is also known as the festival of color or festival of love.  It is celebrated on the Vernal equinox, usually falls in March. This year Holi is actually on St Patrick’s day.  In India people will throw colored powder at each other or spray people with colored water. Everyone is fair game, young, old, rich, poor, don’t step out on Holi wearing white. It will be ruined.

    I‘ve inherited this love of color that is part of my ethnicity and express it with the jewelry I make. The wonderful thing is that Czech beads and Japanese beads come in so many different colors. The number of color combinations that you can create is pretty much unlimited.  In my Artfire studio (, I have several bead crochet bracelets and necklaces with at least three colors combined together to create a one of a kind piece.  I favor purples and blues but pinks and red are also great colors to use in different pieces.  What about you?  What colors do you tend to favor in the clothing and jewelry you wear?