Thirty Day Easy Breezy Earrings Challenge

Thirty Day Easy Breezy Earrings Challenge
I noticed that I have left over beads from various projects that are not enough to make a bracelet or a necklace but just enough to make a pair of simple earrings. I’ve been beading for a few years and have built up quite a stash of left over beads. Usually when I’m making something I buy a few extra beads just in case I break the bead or it rolls off somewhere and I can’t find it again. I thought it might fun to make different types of earrings, destash some beads, and also to share what I’ve made.
I’ve decided to issue myself a challenge to come up with simple earrings designs for the next 30 days. That means a free earring tutorial every day for the next 30 days. These tutorials will be designed for the beginner and the earrings can be made in about an hour. My idea is to teach basic beading stitches to someone just starting to bead and also to give people ideas for earrings they can make for themselves. Please follow along and at the end of 30 days you’ll have 30 new pairs of earrings for yourself or to give away as gifts. I believe there’s no such thing as too many pairs of earrings or shoes.

My first design is called the Easy Breezy Daisy Chain Earrings.
pair a

Materials List to make the Pair of earrings:
36 Swarovski crystal pearls (4mm in Pearl white)
6 Swarovski crystal pearls (4 mm in Pearl Mauve)
12 seed beads (size 11)
2 ear wires
18 inches/per earringFireline (4-6lb) or wildfire (0.006 inch) beading thread
Beading needle (size 10 or 12)
**You do not have to use Swarovski Pearls any bead can be used including seed beads. Also you can also you nymo thread instead of fireline or wildfire.

The earrings in the picture are 1 ¼ inches long or 41 mm. This does not include the ear wires. These can be made in less than an hour.
Daisy Chain stitch is a simple stitch that includes six beads that make up the petal of the daisy and a seventh bead in the center.
This only applies if the all the beads are size.

daisy 1Blue circles are the “petals”
If the center beads is larger than the ” petal beads”  than more beads are needed for the petals . For this tutorial all the beads are the same size.

Step 1. Pickup 6 white pearl beads and make a circle by inserting your needle into the 1st bead . So bead 1 and 6 should be next to each other.

image 2

Step 2. Go through all 6 beads at least three times to secure the thread. Come out of the bead next to the tail thread and tie a knot. The go through two pearls to move away from the knot.
daisy 2daisy 3

Step 3. Pick up a mauve pearl insert needle in the bead that is directly opposite from bead where the thread is exiting.
step 3 text

Step 4. Pick up 5 pearl beads and insert the needle through the bead where the thread exits to make another circle. The daisys will be sharing a “petal” bead.

Step 4  step 5b

Step 5. Pickup mauve bead and insert needle into bead that is opposite the bead where the thread exits.

step 6 step 6b

Step 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to make the third daisy.

step 7 step 7 bstep 8

Step 7. Pickup 3 seed beads size 11, fish wire and 3 more seed beads size 11. Insert needle through the same bead as the thread is exiting to create a loop.  If you want a longer earrings you can always repeat steps 4 and 5 several times until you have the length you desire.

step 9step 9 b

Step 8. Run the thread through the seed beads and pearl four times to secure thread. Tie a half-hitch knot and cut off extra thread.

For half hitch knot: Make a loop around thread between two beads. Cross the threads and bring needle through the loop. Pull tight and go through several beads before cutting the thread.

daisy 5

There are other variations that you can make with the Daisy chain stitch. I made another pair of earring using Swarovski bicones and seed beads size 8.
I used eight seed beads to make the petals because the bicone is bigger than the seed beads and made five daisies instead of three.

pair b

both quarter

Please leave comments and post your designs to my facebook page  or just click the “F” on the top left.  I would love to see your designs.


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