Circular Herringbone Earrings-Beginner Tutorial

Hello everyone,

I have posted another tutorial for the beading beginner. This video shows you how to make another pair of earrings. I hope that you enjoy the tutorial. Please post your creations to my facebook page.



Tubular Net Stitch–Beginner beading tutorial

This is a video showing you how to make earrings using tubular net stitch, cubes and seed beads. The tutorial is intended for the beginner. I hope you enjoy the video. I would love to see your versions of the earrings so please post to my facebook page: or even here in the comments section.

Make someone’s day.

Do you enjoy gift giving? I do. Actually, I absolutely love to give gifts and it’s not because I’m a super generous person. No, I actually derive pleasure just thinking about what will  “wow” the other person. I make beaded jewelry, so I love to give my friends and family something I made. I spend a great deal of time coming up with the design and choosing beads. I’ll spend time considering which colors the recipient would like and the type of jewelry they wear. I will also spend time in wrapping the gift. For me the presentation is just as important as the gift itself.The feelings I get from making the gift and then seeing the other person’s reaction are just incredible.  When I know that the other person was “wowed” by my gift it makes me feel great. My gifts are not necessarily something I make or buy but sometimes I do something for someone such as babysitting for my friend so she can take break.

I recently read an article in the New York times that suggested that not allowing someone to give you a gift is bad for the relationship. According Ellen Langer, a Harvard Psychology professor, you are doing a disservice by not giving them the gift of giving. For thousands of years the social value of gift giving has been important throughout human history. Some cultures have engaged in the potlatch, a ceremony that celebrated extreme giving. The family within a clan or village had more prestige not based on how much they had but how much they gave away. American culture has turned gift giving extremely commercial and with a bad economy many people opt out of gift giving.  I think that you don’t need to spend a lot to still give great gifts. Sometimes just helping someone by giving time to relax or being with loved ones is a great gift that doesn’t have to cost anything. 

So next time when you’re having a bad day, make someone else’s day and your bad day may not turn out to be so bad.

Free Peyote pattern–Purple Waves

Hi Everyone,

 Today’s post is going to be a free peyote pattern called purple waves that I designed using the 2-drop peyote technique. This pattern will make a peyote bracelet that is about 7 inches long and 0.85 inches wide. You are welcome to customize the design however you like such as making it longer or wider. I used Delica beads size 11 when I designed the pattern but you cab use seed beads also. You”ll just get a bracelet that is slightly wider and longer if you follow the pattern exactly. If you do use seed beads than just stop when you reach the desired length. I provide both the bead chart and the word chart.  I would love to see pictures of your bracelets so please post pictures in the comment section. Enjoy beading.

Delica Bead Colors  A:DB-201 White Pearl   B: DB-12 Raspberry Metallic  

I recommend using fireline or wildfire thread (4-6 lb) but you can also use nymo.        



Bead Chart :







Word chart