Free Peyote pattern–Purple Waves

Hi Everyone,

 Today’s post is going to be a free peyote pattern called purple waves that I designed using the 2-drop peyote technique. This pattern will make a peyote bracelet that is about 7 inches long and 0.85 inches wide. You are welcome to customize the design however you like such as making it longer or wider. I used Delica beads size 11 when I designed the pattern but you cab use seed beads also. You”ll just get a bracelet that is slightly wider and longer if you follow the pattern exactly. If you do use seed beads than just stop when you reach the desired length. I provide both the bead chart and the word chart.  I would love to see pictures of your bracelets so please post pictures in the comment section. Enjoy beading.

Delica Bead Colors  A:DB-201 White Pearl   B: DB-12 Raspberry Metallic  

I recommend using fireline or wildfire thread (4-6 lb) but you can also use nymo.        



Bead Chart :







Word chart






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